Why You May Want To Rethink Constructing Your Own Pool

4 April 2022
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While it is certainly possible to dig a hole in the ground and construct a swimming pool on your own, it is not a good idea. You may think that you will save a lot of money by doing it yourself, but once all is said and done you will probably find that you did not save that much money and the hard work and frustration were not worth it. Here are a few things to consider before trying it on your own. Read More 

Reasons Your Pool Liner May Need To Be Replaced

8 March 2022
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The liner of your inground swimming pool will be one of the components that will experience some of the most extreme wear and tear over the time that you own the pool. In particular, there are a handful of problems that will have the potential to force you to replace the pool liner. Excessive Chlorine Exposure Excessive chlorine exposure can be one of the more common causes of avoidable damage to the liner. Read More 

Pool Refurbishment Ideas To Give Your Pool A More Modern Look

13 January 2022
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If your swimming pool is old, it might look dated and unattractive. While cosmetic improvements help, if you want to give your pool an entirely new look, you should consider having it refurbished. A concrete pool can have the shape and depth altered. Plus, you can add modern features that make your pool more enjoyable. Here are things to consider doing to your pool when you have it refurbished. Add Water Features Read More