Swimming Pool Maintenance Steps To Avoid Neglect

24 October 2022
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If you are fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, meeting its basic maintenance needs of it can be essential for protecting the water quality and minimizing future repairs. While the maintenance needs of a pool will be relatively straightforward, there are many steps in this process that can be neglected by the owner. 

Failing To Empty The Leaf Catchers

Leaves getting into the swimming pool's pump can be a very damaging problem to have as the leaves will be able to clog the interior of the pump to the point where water may be unable to leave it. To minimize this risk, swimming pools will have leaf catchers in place that are designed to intercept the majority of the leaves and other debris that could enter the pump system. Unfortunately, individuals may not be as diligent as they need to be when it comes to emptying the leaf catchers. This could make it more likely that some of this debris will make it into the pumping system, and it could also restrict the flow of water into the system. At a minimum, the leaf catchers should be emptied at least once a week to ensure that they remain clear and effective.

Not Flushing The Pump At Regular Intervals

The pump for the swimming pool will benefit greatly from periodically flushing it. This can remove algae and other debris that may have accumulated in it. One of the major benefits of flushing the pump is that it could significantly increase the water quality of the pool. To maximize the effectiveness of flushing the pump, you should make sure to do this for at least several minutes or until the water coming from the pump is clear. Some homeowners may fail to fully flush the pump during this process, and while this may still increase the water quality, it may not be as effective as much of the unwanted debris could remain in the pump.

Ineffective Cleaning Of The Pool's Sides And Floor

Algae growing on the surfaces of the pool can be a safety hazard as it can be extremely slick. This could increase the risk of individuals suffering injuries while they are using the pool. To prevent this, a pool owner should thoroughly scrub the sides and the bottom of the pool. While there are specialized tools that can make it easier for a pool owner to do this routine maintenance, it will still be a labor-intensive process. Not surprisingly, this is one of the swimming pool maintenance steps that individuals may prefer to hire a professional to complete.

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