Fun And Inexpensive Non-Structural Pool Upgrade Ideas

5 December 2022
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You may have been enjoying your inground pool for several years but might be ready for a change. A structural alteration such as making the pool bigger, adding seating, or installing a poolside bar, can be very expensive. Luckily, you can make several cosmetic changes that won't break the bank and will help you enjoy your backyard pool even more.

Here are a few fun and inexpensive inground pool upgrades to consider.

Invest in LED Lights

One of the most inexpensive, fun ways to make your pool more inviting, and allow you to enjoy your inground pool at night, is to add some LED lights. LED lights do not admit as much heat, which means they will not impact the temperature of your pool's water. The LED lights can be installed around the pool's perimeter or under the water.

LED lights are available in a variety of fun colors or change colors, and you can even choose lights that can be controlled by your smartphone.

Add Some Fun Pool Chairs

Unlike deck chairs, which are constructed from wood or plastic and intended for use outside the pool, there are specialized pool chairs that are submerged under the water. The chairs come in a variety of shapes and colors and are manufactured from a specialized material that can withstand the chemicals found in your backyard pool, including chlorine.

Install an Inexpensive Water Feature

You have seen beautiful water features on pools in magazines and online and assume that a substantial structural project was needed to add a water feature to your existing backyard pool. In reality, you can add a small water feature, such as a small waterfall or fountain, for far less than you might imagine.

For example, many homeowners have deck jets installed on their inground pools. As the name would suggest, the water jets are installed on the deck surrounding the pool and shoot water into the pool. There are also inexpensive waterfall kits available that can be installed on your pool without the need for any significant upgrades.

Add a Pool Bubbler for Your Kids

Finally, your kids will have hours of fun enjoying a pool bubbler. These bubblers are installed on the pool's floor, typically at the shallow end or near the entrance. The bubbler is similar to a water fountain. However, the jets shoot water upwards from the pool floor, giving your kids a fun way to keep cool on a hot summer afternoon.

From installing a pool bubbler to adding a water feature, there are several non-structural pool upgrades you can add to your backyard pool that won't break the bank.