Chronic Pain? 5 Considerations When Choosing A Spa

8 October 2015
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If you have any condition causing chronic pain, hydrotherapy can be a useful tool in your pain management arsenal. Before choosing a spa model, consider several features to give you the best opportunity at easing the pain. Adequate Size When you are considering various models, choose a size that is adequate to perform aerobic or range of motion exercises in addition to heat therapy. Many people with chronic pain conditions can benefit from light aerobic exercises in heated water because the water will reduce impact on the joints and muscles. Read More 

Eco-Friendly Automated Pool Maintenance Strategies

14 April 2015
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It's good to make as many parts of your life eco-friendly as possible, and your pool is a fine place to start. Here are a few ways you make your pool more eco-friendly in its maintenance while using automated systems so you don't have to waste your time overmuch. Hydro-powered Bottom-Cleaning Robots Having to constantly remove debris from the bottom of your pool can be seriously frustrating. At the same time however, automated robots can use up a lot of electricity. Read More