Chronic Pain? 5 Considerations When Choosing A Spa

8 October 2015
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If you have any condition causing chronic pain, hydrotherapy can be a useful tool in your pain management arsenal. Before choosing a spa model, consider several features to give you the best opportunity at easing the pain.

Adequate Size

When you are considering various models, choose a size that is adequate to perform aerobic or range of motion exercises in addition to heat therapy. Many people with chronic pain conditions can benefit from light aerobic exercises in heated water because the water will reduce impact on the joints and muscles. If you experience joint stiffness, you may find doing range of motion exercises in the water makes it quicker and easier to loosen up your joints to start the day.

Seating Options

When you consider the configuration of a spa, you also want to pay attention to the seating options. Ideally, you should choose a model with seats of different heights. You can sit on higher seats if you want to cool down or if sitting on a lower seat is difficult due to joint pain. Seats of varying heights also allow people of different heights to comfortably use the same spa.

Light Therapy

Light therapy is available for some spas and can offer an alternative approach to pain control. Different colors of light are used to help you create a specific mood. For example, cool light, such as blue or purple, is often associated with being relaxing. Stress can exacerbate chronic pain, but the combination of heat and soothing light can help you relax. Furthermore, the relaxing atmosphere can reduce muscle tension, which can contribute to problems with chronic muscle pain or increase joint pain.

Massage Features

The combination of moist heat and massage can dull chronic pain. In many spa models, you have two types of water massage, water jets and bubbles. Adjustable water jets are a good option if you want to direct the flow of water to target specific areas of your body. Bubbles provide all around massage and can be less intense than water jets, which is important if you experience frequent muscle tenderness. A combination of massage features is ideal to give you maximum pain relief and flexibility. 

Temperature Regulation

You will want to choose a model with a wide range of water temperatures. Although spas are useful for heat therapy, you may experience times when heated water is a bad option. If you are currently experiencing pain with swelling and/or inflammation, you will want to soak in cooler water. This can reduce swelling and prevent inflammatory pain from becoming worse.  

Choosing a spa to aid in chronic pain relief is not an easy decision. With many options available, you are sure to find the right model to meet your physical needs. Contact a local outlet, such as Aqua Friends Pool & Spa Hot tubs, for further assistance.