Eco-Friendly Automated Pool Maintenance Strategies

14 April 2015
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It's good to make as many parts of your life eco-friendly as possible, and your pool is a fine place to start. Here are a few ways you make your pool more eco-friendly in its maintenance while using automated systems so you don't have to waste your time overmuch.

Hydro-powered Bottom-Cleaning Robots

Having to constantly remove debris from the bottom of your pool can be seriously frustrating. At the same time however, automated robots can use up a lot of electricity. This is especially the case if you let them run very often.

Fortunately, there's a new, more eco-friendly approach in the form of an automated cleaning robot that can use the power of water flow to power itself. These robots have a hydro-electric power source, and they rely on the natural water flow of your pool to function.

Many of them have an LED system that shows how strong the water flow over them is and how much power they have as a result. You simply attach a provided hose to the robot, and it will drive along the bottom of your pool, sucking in all the dirt and automatically turning around whenever it hits walls.

Solar-powered Auto Skimmers

Another approach for eco-friendly automated pool cleaning is to use the power of the sun. Obviously, in order to properly make use of sunlight, anything solar-powered on a pool has to be on the surface and not underwater.

This is what makes using solar power on a skimmer a good fit. These robots can skim along the top of your pool and pick up debris that falls onto the surface before it can sink to the bottom where it's often more difficult to retrieve.

It's also an advantage to skim debris before it falls because debris on the bottom of your pool can decompose and cause problems. Using a solar-powered skimmer is less energy intensive than getting the debris at the bottom which is going to require you to use your pool pump more. Your pool pump still requires conventional electricity to run, after all.

An automated skimmer like this one could decrease bacteria growth as well and cut energy loss from pool pump operation by as much as two-thirds.

Using both devices together could really cut down on how much electricity is required to properly run your pool over the long run since they work well with each other.

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