Dive Into Your Dream Pool: Unique Additions For The Ultimate High-End Experience

14 June 2023
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So, you've decided to make a splash by building a custom swimming pool, but you want your backyard to stand out from the neighborhood. You're craving a unique, jaw-dropping aquatic playground. Here's a guide to the most exciting and innovative features to add to your high-end swimming pool.

Swim-Up Bar: Tropical Resort Vibes

Bring the vacation to your backyard with a swim-up bar. With a swim-up bar, your family and guests won't need to get out of the pool for a drink or a snack. This feature enhances the social aspect of your pool, making it the perfect spot for parties and get-togethers. From sunken stools to waterproof cabinetry, these details will add that touch of luxury.

Lazy River: Your Water Park

A lazy river is no longer limited to water parks. Imagine drifting along your winding waterway, complete with a gentle current that lets you laze around in the water, drink in hand. This is more than just a pool — it's an experience where adults can relax and children can undertake exciting water adventures.

Infinity Edge: The Illusion of Endlessness

The infinity pool, also known as a vanishing edge pool, offers a stunning visual effect where the water seamlessly merges with the sky or surrounding landscape. This feature lends a sense of luxury and expansiveness to your swimming area, turning your backyard into a serene oasis.

Grotto and Waterfall: A Hidden Paradise

Give your pool a touch of the exotic with a grotto and waterfall feature. Hidden behind the cascading water, the grotto is an enchanting space, perfect for relaxation or a secluded conversation. At night, strategic lighting can make the waterfall glow, adding to the magical ambiance.

LED Lighting: Painting with Light

Transform your swimming pool into a kaleidoscopic wonderland with LED lights. These lights can change colors, setting the mood for any occasion. From calm blues for a relaxing evening swim to vibrant pinks and purples for a nighttime pool party, your pool will never look the same way twice.

Underwater Sound System: Submerged Symphony

Combine your love for swimming and music with an underwater sound system. Whether you want to listen to some calming tunes while swimming laps or amp up the energy during a pool party, this feature ensures your playlist is never out of reach.

As you can see, each pool feature contributes to transforming your high-end swimming pool installation into an extravagant oasis of fun and relaxation. Your high-end custom swimming pool won't just be a place to swim; it'll be your personal resort, a backyard escape, and the ultimate venue for making unforgettable memories.

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