4 Reasons To Install A Cover On Your Pool

4 May 2023
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If you are building a pool, one feature you might be considering is a cover. Pool covers are great for many different reasons, but some owners deem them unnecessary without first reviewing the benefits they offer. If you are on the fence about this addition, learn more about how a cover can help. 

1. Safety

If you have small children or pets, installing a pool cover is great for increasing the safety around your pool. Even with protective measures, children and pets can venture out the door and make their way to the pool, which is especially dangerous. Pool covers add a layer of protection because they prevent your child from gaining access to the water. Many of these covers are rated to withstand hundreds or even thousands of pounds of weight without collapsing, which further adds to their safety. 

2. Pool Cleanliness

A pool cover is also a great addition that can help keep your pool cleaner. If your pool is in an area that is near a lot of trees, this addition is almost a must. Leaves and debris do not just look bad, but if they are excessive, they can clog your filter, leading to malfunctions. When your pool is not in use, you can cover the pool to keep debris out and the water balanced. 

3. Water Conservation

If your pool is a full-sun pool, meaning it is in the direct path of the sun, or you live in a climate that experiences significant daily temperature changes, such as hot during the day and cool at night, a cover can help your pool retain water. Full-sun pools and those in areas with significant temperature variances are more prone to daily evaporation. As a result, these owners typically need to add water to their pool several times a week. A cover can help minimize water loss, saving you time and money.

4. Temperature Management

If your home is in a cooler climate, a pool cover can also help you save money on heating costs and extend your pool season. Pool covers are made from thicker materials, which is excellent for trapping heat in the water. As a result, you may be able to heat your pool less often. Additionally, since the cover holds heat, your pool can stay warmer later into the season so that you can enjoy the pool longer. 

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