Pool Leak Detection: The Common Causes Of Leaks

13 January 2023
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When you own a swimming pool, leaks are a part of life. Even with the best maintenance plan, you might find that your swimming pool develops a leak eventually. Identifying and addressing those leaks starts with understanding the most common sources so that you can more easily locate and repair them. Here are a few of the most common sources of leaks that you need to monitor and test with your swimming pool.

Equipment Failure

Filtration systems and circulating pumps in your swimming pool can suffer wear and tear that will lead to sealing failures and leaks. The severity of these leaks will depend on the extent of the seal failure, so monitor them regularly and address even the smallest drips to prevent severe leak issues.

Pool Body Damage

Damage to the pool's physical structure can lead to problems with leaks around the perimeter of the pool. Some of the most common areas to experience leak issues with a pool's structure are around any structural seams as well as around any jets or other fixtures.

Sometimes, this damage is a result of improper handling or some sort of external impact. In other instances, the damage is caused by deterioration due to age and exposure to pool chemicals.

Plumbing Problems

If you have a pool with an automatic refill and water level monitor, the plumbing system that runs the refill infrastructure is vulnerable as well. Damage to plumbing lines, sensors, and fixtures can cause leaks that might damage the soil around the pool and even cause further damage.

Pool Liner Punctures Or Holes

Your pool liner protects the pool's structure from water damage, contains water, and provides a softer barrier than the concrete or vinyl structure. If the pool liner gets damaged, as can happen from pool equipment and other materials, water will seep past the liner and lead to serious water damage and leaks.

Loose Pool Panels

If you have a vinyl pool, any loose panel connections create a gap that allows water to pass through. You may need to seal those connections or replace the panels in question. This often means that you have to drain the pool, but it is the most effective way to solve the problem.

These are just a few of the many causes of leaks around your pool. Call a pool leak detection and repair contractor to help you identify where your pool is leaking.