Pool Refurbishment Ideas To Give Your Pool A More Modern Look

13 January 2022
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If your swimming pool is old, it might look dated and unattractive. While cosmetic improvements help, if you want to give your pool an entirely new look, you should consider having it refurbished. A concrete pool can have the shape and depth altered. Plus, you can add modern features that make your pool more enjoyable. Here are things to consider doing to your pool when you have it refurbished.

Add Water Features

A water jet, bubbling fountain, or waterfall adds a nice touch to a pool, and the water features are fun for kids to play in. Even if you don't have kids, the sound of a waterfall would be nice and relaxing when you're floating in your pool. You might combine the waterfall with a grotto, faux rock pile, and slide. You may prefer to keep things simple and just have a waterfall built in the side of the pool. Talk to your pool refurbishment contractor about the various water features you can add and how they affect the cost.

Install Colorful LED Lights

If your current pool doesn't have lights, you'll probably enjoy having underwater LED lights installed. The lights make it more fun and safe to swim at night, and the color-changing lights give your pool a dramatic look after dark. LED lights are energy efficient and they last a long time, so they're a good option for underwater lighting. If your pool already has lighting, your pool refurbishment contractor might be able to upgrade the lamps without having to do a lot of major work or open the wall.

Add Tanning Shelves

Tanning shelves are a great addition to your pool. You could add a shelf to your current rectangular pool or change the shape of your pool so it has curves or a zero entry. Shelves provide a relaxing place for lounge chairs where you can get your feet wet occasionally or reach down and splash water on yourself to cool off. Tanning shelves also make nice places for small kids to play with supervision since the water is shallow and they can sit and play with toys.

Change The Pool Color

You might want new decorative tile put around your pool or change the paint from green to blue so your pool has a fresh new color and look. If your pool is old, it may need to be resurfaced to get rid of cracks and other imperfections. This is the perfect time to make other cosmetic improvements to your pool so your pool has a modern look.

Put In New Plumbing

If you'll open the walls to repair concrete, change the shape of your pool, or add lights, that's a good time to put in new plumbing. You may want new plumbing because yours is old and changing it now reduces the risk of having to open the pool again in a few years when an old pipe breaks.