Energy-Efficient Pool Equipment Upgrades To Make The Most Of Repairs This Summer

24 June 2021
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As you start using your pool this summer, there may be problems with equipment that need to be repaired. You might want to invest in upgrades to make your pool more efficient. These improvements can include efficient pumps, solar energy, and better filtration. The following pool equipment solutions are some of the options you might want to consider when repairs are needed:

Investing in Pool Filtration Improvements

The filtration of your pool may be an old system that uses a cartridge to filter particles out of the water. Thus, it may be time to invest in an upgraded filtration solution for the needs of your pool. Today, there are options like sand, DE (Dynamic Earth), and saltwater filtration systems. These filtration systems can remove smaller particles from the water to keep your pool clean.

Upgrading Your Pool Pump with Efficient Equipment

Your pool pump can also be the cause of issues with equipment during the summer months. When you need a new pool pump, ask about variable speed motors and other options for more efficient designs. There are several options for more efficient pumps that can even be solar-powered to filter the water in your pool more efficiently.

Installing Solar Energy Systems for Pool Equipment

Another improvement that you may want to invest in for your pool equipment is solar energy. There are several ways solar energy systems can be integrated into pool equipment. If you want to filter the water with solar energy, panels can be installed to operate the pump. There are also options for solar pool heaters that can be installed. The solar water heaters are thermal collectors designed for pool systems that heat your pool when water circulates through them.

Adding Chlorine Dispenser and UV Water Treatment

There are also issues with chlorine levels in your pool that could be a problem during the summer months. You can have a chlorine dispenser system installed to help deal with these issues and ensure that the water in your pool is well-balanced all summer. In addition to the chlorine dispenser, you may also want to consider UV treatment systems. Adding a UV water treatment system to your pool will improve the water quality and reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed to keep your pool safe.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to make when your outdated pool equipment needs to be repaired. Contact a swimming pool equipment service to discuss some of these options for your pool this summer.