All You Need To Know About A Custom Inground Fiberglass Pool Installation

18 May 2021
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If you are looking for one of the best solutions to add an inground pool to your home, fiberglass is a great option. Today, fiberglass pools give you a lot of options for custom designs and features. They can also be an affordable and durable solution if the pool is installed professionally. The following installation information will provide you with everything your need to start planning your fiberglass pool installation:

Pool Shapes

The shape of your fiberglass pool is one of the first things to consider. There are various options for the shapes available with fiberglass shells. Some of the most common options are ovals, squares, and kidney-shaped pools. There are also custom variations of the common fiberglass pool shapes. You can also talk to your pool installer about custom options like swim-spas or smaller custom shells if you have specific design needs.

Fiberglass Pool Coping

There are also different types of fiberglass pool coping. Most often, these materials are counter-levered concrete paver materials. The proper installation of these materials is important to prevent issues with wear and damage. The coping can be a problem if there is too much of a counter-lever, which can cause issues with cracking and damage. There should only be a small counter-lever hanging over the edge with a fiberglass pool.

Installation of Pool Plumbing

The pool plumbing is another important feature that you will want to consider. When you are installing a fiberglass pool, the pipes need to be properly secured to the shell. This prevents movement that can cause damage to the plumbing after your pool has been installed. Talk to your pool installer about making sure the plumbing is fastened to the pool shell during the installation to prevent problems.

Options for Fiberglass Pool Equipment

The fiberglass pool design also gives you more options for the type of filtration system and equipment that can be installed. Since salt water pools can corrode materials, fiberglass is one of the best options if you want one of these types of systems. There are also options like sand and DE filtration systems that work well with fiberglass pool installations. You may also want to consider other improvements for your pool, such as adding a heater or custom features like a built-in hot tub.

The installation of a fiberglass pool can provide a solution so you can have your pool installation completed before the hottest days of summer. Contact a fiberglass pool installation service to begin planning the design of your new backyard oasis.