Getting Started With Spring Pool Remodeling Projects With A Natural Design

27 January 2021
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If you are ready to renovate your pool for the summer weather, you may want to consider a natural filtration design. Many features and improvements can be done when remodeling your pool with a natural design. The following pool remodeling information will help you add natural filtration to your remodeling project.

Resurfacing to Give the Pool a Natural Finish

The surface of your pool is important, and you want to consider improvements that will give these outdoor areas natural accents. There are several options for the materials to use for the new pool surfacing, including:

  • Stone tile and slab pool surfacing
  • Stone coping and pool deck surfaces
  • Using stone for edging and borders around pool areas

The natural stone surfaces are an attractive finish for the pool. If you want to add custom features to the design, there are also options for synthetic stone materials that can be used for grottos and other elements.

Designing the Pool Filtration System and Landscaping

The design of the landscaping around the pool is also important. This is because it will be the main filtering mechanism that keeps the water in the swimming area clean. Some of the features to consider for the design of the filtration system include:

  • Sand and aggregate
  • Landscaping plant life for filtration
  • Fish and fauna for pool filtration
  • Moving water design features

The filtration system will need to be maintained and the water quality tested regularly. This will ensure that the micro-ecosystem is doing its job to filter the water in your pool. All of these components work together to filter the water and keep your pool clean for summer swimming.

Upgrading the Pool Equipment for a Natural Design

The natural filtration design is going to need upgraded equipment. This equipment is slightly different than normal chlorine systems. Some of the different equipment upgrades that will need to be done to the pool include:

  • Pond-style skimmers to remove surface debris
  • High-pressure pumps for water features
  • Specially designed drains and inlets

The equipment for these types of pool designs needs to be sturdier to do its job to keep the water in the swimming area clean. This equipment is crucial in keeping the filtration system circulating and keeping the water clean.

Natural filtration is a great upgrade for your pool remodeling project. It will provide your pool with an attractive natural design and chemical-free filtration. Contact a pool remodeling service to discuss these features to give your pool a natural design.