Custom Pool Resurfacing To Get Your Outdoor Spaces Ready For Warmer Spring Weather

10 November 2020
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The time may have come to begin thinking about resurfacing your pool. When resurfacing, you have the choice of materials and changes to the pool design. The following custom pool resurfacing design ideas will help you complete an outdoor makeover before summer:

Plaster finishes with custom designs

If you have a concrete or block pool structure, the finish on the surface is a special plaster mixture. This is a combination of materials and sealants that make the pool impermeable. After the plaster is applied, there are several options to give the new surface a custom design, which include:

  • Colors with abstract designs in plaster
  • Painted art and patterns to create a custom finish
  • Vinyl adhesives to give plain finishes a custom design

Custom tile mosaics for pool resurfacing

There are also options for tile finishes that can be installed for pool surfaces. These can be conventional styles and patterns that enhance the look of the design. There are also options for more artistic tile work with custom mosaics. Some of the different options to consider for the tile surface of your new pool include:

  • Custom patterns with specialized mosaic tile mesh
  • Custom tiles for patterns and details in pool surfaces
  • Custom tile work to create personalized mosaics for pool surfaces

These tile design ideas will help improve your pool's appearance to prepare it for the summer months.

Attractive natural stone finishes for pool surfaces

Natural stone is another option that you will want to consider for your pool surfacing. There are several options for natural and synthetic stone designs for your pool, such as:

  • Natural stone surfaces in and outside of the pool
  • Synthetic stone designs for more creative pool surfacing
  • Unique slate tiles for custom pool surfacing elements

Additional improvements to do when resurfacing pools

In addition to resurfacing the pool, there are other improvements that you will want to consider to get more from your investment. Some of the additional improvements to consider when remodeling your pool include:

  • Upgrading drains and plumbing with pool safety features
  • Updating the pool filtration system with better equipment
  • Resurfacing pool decks and outdoor areas to complete renovations

The resurfacing of your pool will help change its look and give it new life. Call a pool resurfacing service to have this work done before the weather gets warm this spring, so you can enjoy your custom modifications as soon as you can. For more information about pool resurfacing, contact a local professional.