The Swimming Pool Remodeling Guide To Create Safer Outdoor Spaces Before Next Summer

24 August 2020
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As you begin to prepare to close your pool this year, it is time to start thinking about repairs and improvements. With a complete pool remodel over the winter months, you will be able to prepare your outdoor spaces for next summer. The following pool remodeling guide will help you create safer outdoor space before next summer:

Remodeling pool shape and surfaces

To begin with a safer pool space, there may be changes that you want to make for the shape and design of your pool. First, consider the shape of your pool and changes like adding spa areas or shallow spaces for children to play. You also need to choose new surfaces for the pool, which you may want to use stone, tile, or vinyl liners for the design of your pool remodeling project. There are also plaster and impermeable coatings that provide long-lasting and durable surfacing for your pool.

Adding safer drains and pool equipment

There are also many options for safer pool drain designs to prevent hazards during the summer season. These can be drains that have safety covers or new pool designs that have drain systems designed differently to reduce the common pool drain hazards. In addition, skimmer lids and other pool equipment will also need to have safety improvements done when remodeling your pool for next summer.

Updating the pool deck area surfacing with safer materials

The pool deck surfacing is another area where you will want to do major upgrades when remodeling your pool. Today, there are options like rubber paving and other soft and porous materials to consider for safer pool deck surfacing solutions. These materials can also enhance the appearance of your pool area because they offer a wide selection of colors and custom designs that can be done.

Adding the right pool fence, enclosures, and covers for safer designs

Lastly, the pool area needs to be safe, and you want to make sure you have a good fence to close the area. In addition, talk to the pool remodeling contractor about options for safety covers and enclosures that will enhance the safety and design of your pool. Today, there are options for automatic safety covers and enclosures that will also help protect your pool during the hot summer months.

These are the things that you can do to create safer outdoor spaces before next summer. Contact a swimming pool remodel service to start designing your new pool and outdoor spaces for a safer summer next year.