Tips For Designing A Natural Swimming Pool

24 October 2019
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Natural swimming pools are gaining in popularity at least partially because of the move toward eco-friendliness. Natural pools actually feature two pools — the main swimming zone and a regeneration zone. The regeneration zone is the replacement for chlorine and a pool filter. The regeneration zone uses vegetation and aggregate to naturally filter the water.

The Spruce points out, the benefits of natural pools include less maintenance and their eco-friendly nature. If you're considering such a pool, look into the following ideas for its design.

Try a Freeform Shape

Because of their naturalistic basis, designers often aim to make these swimming pools mimic bodies of water found in nature. So, a good start to that end would be an irregular shape — a freeform shape.

A freeform pool features a series of curves and concavities. It's usually the same general size as a standard swimming pool. The curves and concavities not only give it the effect of being a pond or lagoon, they also afford you an extra opportunity to incorporate the regeneration zone.

Border the Pool with Natural Rocks

Even a natural swimming pool must have coping, which provides the border zone between the water well and the decking. The coping itself must be functional, so you may have to choose an obviously manufactured material such as concrete. However, you can cover the functional coping with a natural one — natural rocks.

You can choose a variety of stones to line around your pool, a little like a rock garden. Conversely, you can have the contractors create a border with flat boulders, thus mimicking a pond in nature. For a more polished effect, they can use flat pavers with mortar.

Plant Shade Trees and Shrubs

Homeowners often want some shade while they're enjoying the pool, even if the shade only covers part of the decking. While sun umbrellas and cabanas are very popular, consider going with a nature-inspired idea here, too. Trees and shrubs can be the main shade providers.

For any plantings around water, you want to choose plants that won't drop seeds or leaves into the water. That requirement is why palm trees are so popular. However, you can get even more shade with a variety of shrubs such as the golden euonymus. Even plants such as papyrus and bamboo can work to that end.

Consider a Beach Entry

Since a natural pool is meant to replicate one found in the wild, you might not want obvious steps leading into the water. If you have the space, consider a beach entry. The beach entry is a gentle slope leading into the pool.

For the beach entry, you'll want a naturalistic liner. You can have plaster colored to resemble sand. However, a liner with stone aggregate will provide both beauty and protection from slipping.

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