Four Advantages Of Solar Pool Heaters

11 July 2018
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Solar pool heaters are fairly obviously named because they draw their power from the sun to power the heating elements that make your pool comfortable to swim in throughout the summer. This distinctive method of heat generation comes with a few unique advantages: understanding what solar powered pool heaters have to offer can help you decide if they are the right fit for your pool's needs.

Utility Savings

The largest and most obvious advantage of choosing a solar powered pool heater over a conventionally powered counterpart is the fact that using a renewable energy source means that you won't have to worry about increased electricity bills based on usage. This means that the monthly cost of heating and maintaining your pool will be reduced. The fact that a solar powered pool heater will cost less to operate over the long term can help pay down the cost of purchasing and installing the heater in the first place, making it a sound financial decision.

Environmental Considerations

In a very similar vein to the first point, another reason you may want to think about installing a solar powered pool heater is the fact that you will reduce the environmental footprint of your household by doing so. In the summer, regular pool heaters can draw quite a lot of power, especially if you are constantly using the pool. Beyond increasing your utility bills, this will also consume a great deal of resources and increase your environmental impact. Choosing to use a solar powered heater can help you maintain a greener lifestyle while still enjoying your pool.

Low Maintenance

Another consideration when choosing a solar powered pool heater over other types of pool heaters is the fact that they are not overly complicated in their internal mechanics, as traditional pool heaters can be. This means that they are much less likely to malfunction or become damaged over time, and thus do not require the same amount of care or the same frequency of inspections to keep in good working condition.

Operation Noises

Finally, one last thing to note about solar powered water heaters is the fact that they are extremely quiet while operating. There is no hum associated with the heating elements or electrical system, since the solar cells will simply passively generate power through UV radiation. This can help keep your pool a tranquil and relaxing place to swim in at the end of the day.

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