Keeping Your Pool Clean

12 May 2017
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Having a pool in the backyard can offer enjoyment and relaxation to your family. However, it's not all fun and games; cleaning has to be done on a regular basis to ensure the pool can remain in great shape. Here are three of the things to focus on.

Empty Out the Pool Skimmer Basket Daily

The pool skimmer is a small piece of equipment, usually made of PVC plastic, that is located on the edges of the pool. The skimmer uses mild suction to pull water toward it and "skim" the water's surface to collect hair, insects, leaves, and other small debris. The debris collects in a skimmer "basket" as water passes through to the pool filter and pump. The skimmer typically has a flapper, usually called a weir door, that ensures there's not too much air going in. Because the skimmer weir door can obstruct your vision, it's easy to forget to clean out the skimmer basket, which should be done every day. If it isn't cleaned, debris will sit on your pool surface and because less water will be going through to the pump, the pump is likely to work harder and become noisier, which could cause premature failure.

Taking out the basket and emptying its contents when you're done with the pool for the day is the best way to ensure the skimmer works as it's supposed to. You might also want to wrap some pantyhose around the skimmer basket so that it catches even the smallest debris particles. If your skimmer is not working well, you may want to purchase a replacement from a company like The Surface Skimmer.

Use Baking Soda For Tile Cleanup

If you have a tile pool deck, the tiles can become stained or dirty and you might be reluctant to use chemicals that could be harmful to the pool water or to people's feet. Baking soda is a great natural abrasive that can clean the tiles without negatively affecting the pool if some sprinkles into the water; in fact, it could provide some needed alkalinity. Just combine some tap water and baking soda to create a solution that you can use to scrub away stains.

Get Rid of Oil with Tennis Balls

On any day in your pool, people in it could be making it dirtier from all the oils they're wearing. Hair oils, suntan lotion, makeup, and even natural body oils can be a problem and leave your pool with an oily finish. To fight that problem, you can drop a few tennis balls into the pool. The surface of the balls will absorb the oils as they float about.

The tips above should be easy to do; you should find your pool is cleaner as a result. Check with your pool contractor about more ways to clean and care for your family's pool.