Checklist To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

2 May 2017
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If you've got a nice backyard pool, and you want to have loads of fun this summer hosting pool parties, then you better make sure that your pool is in great shape. You don't want to host a big party only to discover that the water is cloudy or smelly, the pool liner has a tear and needs to be fixed, or that the water temperature is too cold for your guests to enjoy. So, while you still have some time left in the Spring season, here's the main three things to check on your pool.

Does The Filtration System Need Repair

If you're had the pool covered all winter, and haven't yet opened it up to check out the water, now is the time. You want to get the filter system up and running and make sure that it can process the water just as well as it did last season. The last thing you want is to skim the surface the night before a big pool party and then turn on the filter and hear dead silence and find out the motor is shot and needs to be replaced. Or, just as bad, the filter is humming along but the water simply is not getting cleaned. So make sure the filter is running properly. If it isn't you can bring in a pool guy to repair it.

Check The Temperature Controls

Besides cloudy, murky water, guests also don't want to deal with cold water. Even if it is really hot out, no one will want to jump into a freezing pool. And as you know, that pool water can hold the temperature from the cold night before, and not get even close to lukewarm by mid-afternoon without the help of your pool heater. So, after you've made sure you can clean the water, you want to make sure you can warm that water up. So test out the temperature controls.

Repair A Torn Pool Liner

A small tear in the pool liner might have gone unnoticed at the end of last season, but it needs to be addressed right away before the start of the summer season. You don't want to have people splashing around in the pool, or have the pool cleaned, or really any sort of agitation to the area if the liner is torn. This can cause an even bigger rip which will create a big expense and a big delay in your party season. So, the best thing to do is to bring in a pool liner specialist, someone like PoolAgain, and have them deal with the tear. They can fix it up so that your pool will be ready for a big group of splashing people and you won't have to worry about anyone causing a problem with the liner.