Decking Options To Go With Your Pool Renovation

7 February 2018
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As you plan your swimming pool renovations, you will face all sorts of decisions. One thing you will have to consider is the pool deck. Will the existing deck coordinate nicely with the upgrades you're making to your pool? Does the existing deck look tired and in need of being replaced? Here, you will learn about two different options for refinishing your deck.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is growing in popularity due to the variety of options you have to choose from. Color, size and shape are all great selling points, but the best thing about composite decking is the fact that it resists mold and insect issues and it is very easy for you to maintain.

With composite decking, you can get the look of wood without all of the work that goes into it. Wood will need to be cleaned and treated at least once each year. Composite decking will only need sprayed down once a year.

Concrete Decking

If you're pool is an in-ground pool, you have the option of choosing concrete as the material of choice. No, this doesn't mean that you'll have a bland gray area surrounding your pool. There's so many beautiful things that can be done with concrete.

Concrete stamping, dyes and designs can be used in the creating of the pool deck.

Stamped Concrete – As the concrete is poured, large stamps are used to create a textured finish to the surface. You can make it look as if the concrete is actually stone or even create custom designs to stamp into the surface. This could help to decrease the chances of slip and fall injuries around the pool as the textured finish can improve traction and drainage.

Stained Concrete – Changing the color of the concrete is fairly easy to do. This can be done to new or existing concrete to give it a fresh, new look. You can incorporate the colors used in the pool renovation to pull the pool and the deck together. Water or acid based stain is applied to the finish to change the color of the concrete permanently.  

Talk with the team completing your pool renovation to learn more about what can be done to the deck to complete the look of the new design of your pool. He or she will be able to assist you in making the best long-term decision for your family's enjoyment over the next several years. Contact a service, like After Hours Pool Service, for more help.